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Cold heart, warm hands [Peridot x human!reader]
[*cracks fingers politely* lets do this]
It had been about 4 months since you found Peridot. She was among garbage, shivering in the cold and looking like a kicked puppy. So, how of the kindness of your heart, you took her to your house. It took a while, but finally she warmed up to you, even explaining gem technology to you and showing you holograms of her homeworld.
And, as much as she refuses to admit to herself, Peridot had fallen for you. That soft (h/c) hair that swayed gently in the wind, those kind (e/c) orbs that always seemed to be warm and welcoming, and last but not least, your soft (s/c) hands that, despite her denying it, felt nice when you decided to play with the green gem's triangular hair.
She knew it was wrong, that loving you was considered traitorous, and that it put both of you in danger from the Diamond Authority, so she tried distancing herself from you, eventually leaving the house one night and not returning. You were concerned, even going out and calling her
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United States
I am a reptile fanatic (snakes are my thing). I also have tarantulas and I keep amphibians here and there. I love sketching, sculpting, painting, drawing, crocheting, doing calligraphy, photography, making jewelry, collecting antiques and oddities, vintage swords and daggers, kayaking, walking through the woods, camping, nature walks and hiking, being in old cities like downtown Detroit (I love old architecture and graffiti). I'm a demisexual pan/lesbian, I'm very open minded and patient, I have been homeschooling for about a year and a half, and I'm also atheist. I admire and respect living things and am very fascinated with biology, anatomy, bacteriology, psychology, botany (plants), zoology (animals), parasitology and entomology (parasites and insects), genetics, microscopy, mycology (fungi), virology, evolution, and other similar sciences. I have a dog and lots of snakes. Adult Female Mexican Black Kingsnake, Adult Male Green Tree Python (Aru bloodline), Subadult Female Sinaloan Milksnake, some old world Ratsnakes, subadult Male and Female Kenyan Sand Boas atm. I'm androgynous (as an umbrella term) both mentally and in my taste and appearance (I guess what that means is that I like to just be myself. I'm not into copying others, I go my own way and express my own unique taste in whatever I do :). I strongly dislike labels). I have a social phobia and see myself as socially awkward, but I'm slowly getting better with time. I go by Urban Python most of the time on the internet if you want to find me. I'll be your friend :)


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